Meet our Coaches


Johnna - Owner Agent & Certified Travel Specialist

Johnna is a seasoned agent and graduate of Disney' s College of Knowledge. She took her first trip to Disney in 1972 and since then has taken over 30 trips.  She has seen Disney through the eyes of a child, young adult, new mom, more seasoned mom ;) and now as an empty nester (sort of).  Owning an agency and helping families maximize their Disney experience is not just a job for Johnna but a passion.  She has a wealth of knowledge and loves everything Disney. In addition to her formal training and personal experiences she is constantly listening to podcasts, reading blogs and is active on several social media outlets dedicated solely to Disney.  She runs a special agency where the customer experience is utmost.  She invests time and energy into all her affiliate agents and makes sure they have the tools, resources and motivation to be wildly successful.   


Sarah - Agent & Certified Travel Specialist

Disney has been a part of Sara's life as long as she can remember! She has fond memories of going to Disney World as a child and young adult. Now that she has a family of her own, she has passed the love of Disney on to them.  No matter the destination, the best things about taking her family to Disney are the amazing memories they  create every time they're there. Sarah says "the emotions that over take me when I walk into Magic Kingdom are those of imagination, belief, love and joy. There truly is such a thing as Disney Magic”. Her favorite thing to do at Disney is going to the Polynesian resort, getting a dole whip, and sitting on the beach watching the fireworks. She remembers doing this as a child and thinking I can’t wait to have children of my own and experience this with them. On a recent trip, she got to experience that with her daughter and it was a memory she will never forget. 


Jason - Agent & Certified Travel Specialist

Jason is a Disney enthusiast whose first trip was to Disney was in 1984.  He fondly remembers riding 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, and Horizons.  He has seen Walt Disney World transform during his 20 plus visits and has stayed current on all of the changes over the years  (His favorite ride is still the Jeremy Irons version of Spaceship Earth) .  He has also visited Disneyland and California Adventure multiple times to experience and cherish the differences of the attractions there.  "Radiator Springs at California Adventure makes you feel as if you have stepped into the movie and is a must do!".   Even though Jason has taken multiple behind the scenes tours, seen the technology firsthand and learned how the magic is created, the parks continue to keep him spellbound every time he visits.  He cherishes Walt Disney World so much that he proposed to his wife at the Magic Kingdom.  He looks forward to sharing the Disney magic with you.   

Use our Certified Travel Specialists to help you plan your next Disney vacation.  The best part about it, Disney pays for our planning services!

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